It’s not only the client who benefits from coaching – here are 4 ways the coach benefits too!

Mar 3, 2023 | Articles

The dynamic naturally associated with coaching is one in which the coach helps the client achieve their goals. A good business coach uses their experience and been-there-done-that wisdom to progress the client’s business and leadership skills. However, what’s often not considered is how the coach themselves can benefit from the process.

Here are 4 ways coaching can enhance your self-development:

1. You get to share your knowledge and skills

One of the most satisfying things about being experienced and having gone through the good, the bad and the mad of running a business is the ability to share what you’ve learned so others can benefit. In the process of doing this, you’ll be alerted to just how much you do actually know, and it’ll give you the space to reflect on your own journey and the obstacles you’ve overcome.

By sharing this hard-earned wisdom, you’re not only guiding others on their path to success, you’re helping them avoid some of the pitfalls you might have fallen victim to. Witnessing your advice having the power to truly influence another’s personal and professional success is truly inspiring.

2. You build your confidence as you build theirs

It’s often the case that someone seeks coaching because they’ve taken a knock or are unsure of themselves in a particular area of business. Your job as a coach is to help them regain that confidence, and/or give them the belief that they can achieve their goals.

In the process of doing this—and seeing positive results—you’ll boost your own confidence both as an individual and a coach. It’ll put a spotlight on just how many resources you actually have, as well as bolstering the belief that you have enormous value to add through your coaching endeavours.

man giving speech
A successful coaching business can open you up to becoming a thought leader.

3. You establish invaluable relationships

By coaching someone, you inevitably get an insight into both their professional and personal lives. And because a coaching session is highly-confidential, there’s the assurance that everything that takes place during it is never revealed to anyone else. Coaching sessions are an opportunity for the client to express their worries, concerns and insecurities without fear of judgement, and this automatically creates a special bond between coach and client.

Not only can this bond create relationships that are beneficial for both personal and professional reasons, a client who feels truly valued and understood will very likely recommend you as a coach to others. And then you’ll establish those same bonds with the clients referred to you, and so it will go on. Before you know it, you’ll have more clients than you know what to do with!

4. You become a thought leader

With a few years of successful coaching experience behind you, you can use the knowledge, content and testimonials gained to establish your status as an expert in your field. This means creating a public profile that opens you up to things like public speaking opportunities and authorship. With this, of course, will come a great reputation that you can leverage to garner hordes of clients and establish your coaching enterprise as one with an outstanding reputation.

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